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Bookkeeping Services

With the rules imposed by the Law Society, bookkeeping can become a burden. Let us take away the burden from you so you can stay focused on your law practice.

Audit Assistance

For over ten years, we have helped many lawyers go through Law Society audit painlessly and smoothly. We can do the same for you.

Tax Return

Tax return preparation requires a solid understanding of the uniqueness of the legal industry and skills to cut through the complexity of the bookkeeping records.

Corporation Income Tax Preparation

A4L gives you the corporation income tax preparation experience you deserve. Let our up to date tax professionals fill you in on all the newest laws and changes

Small Business Tax Preparation

First of all, A4L, we understand what it is like to run, operate, and maintain a small business. Let A4L’s experienced Tax Professionals prepare your income tax return.

Multi-Year Returns Outstanding

Are you behind in filing your tax returns? Are you two, three, four or more years in arrears in filing your returns?

Individual Income Tax preparation

Are you looking for help in Individual Income Tax preparation with your taxes? A4L is able to provide a safe, comforting and professional experience for individuals

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